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Like many moms, finding the time to exercise is the biggest challenge for Sonya Johnson. Johnson is taking part in our Fit Mom 180 project. Over a six-month period, she’s changing her diet and habits to create a healthier lifestyle. Trainer Brigid Wollack, owner of Fit Family Health, designed a specific workout plan for Johnson. The focus is getting daily exercise to become a routine. Johnson is starting with 15-minute workouts every day. Wollack says she’ll see a difference even with just 15 minutes of exercise. Johnson’s workouts will lengthen over time. After a four-week period, Wollack plans to reevaluate her fitness level and increase the workout time to 30 minutes, and eventually to an hour.Over the six months, it’s expected that Johnson will lose around 40 pounds. Wollack believes that a fit mom is a well-balanced mom.

2/25/2013    Fit Mom 180: 15-minute workouts


2/25/2013   15-Minute Workout: Upper Body (weeks 1-4)


2/21/2013     Fit Mom 180: A visit to the dietitian


2/18/2013     Fit Mom 180: Meet Sonya Johnson


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