Brigid goes way beyond the description of a fitness instructor. She in not interested in the hour you spend getting an incredible workout, but how you live. She takes interest in your diet and builds relationships with her class. Anytime I’m feeling tired, I always hear her voice, YOUR STRONGER THAN YOU THINK YOU ARE! Anyone can teach a fitness class, but Brigid sets the bar so high, and drives you to be the best YOU can be.  —Michael P.

Wow! 130.0 this morning 1/14/2012. When I started the BBBrigid boot camp on 1/2/2012, I weighed in at 138.8. I have been an avid runner and workout junkie for years. I had put on a few extra pounds from the holidays, but I normally hover at 134.6 like the sun rising everyday. But the workouts from BBBrigid are awesome for the body and the 21 day challenge has changed my eating forever. Thanks for your dedication to healthy living Brigid Wollack and Jay Wollack 🙂   Treon K


Took my Cousin’s advice and started eating more during the day. Eventhough I had no apetite until 5p.m. which is when I finally would eat. I have lost 4lbs that was a week ago that we spoke. Been choosing things from tier’s 1&2 of mitchie’s ladder. Thanks Jay can’t wait to start working out and tone everything while continuing to lose. Or should I say win.    Alicia M


Falling back in love with apples on this diet… not sure why they ever fell out of my regular diet, but they had and I didn’t realize how much I missed them… it’s going to be a long road to my goal weight, but I already feel less bloated and more energetic on my runs… Mary P
Just a quick note ( not a good story writer) : 4 wks ago I re ~started bootcamp and purchased Shakeology (thanks Cookie). I have found not only I have gain Strength in my core but more Energy, Clean Eating Habits, NO MORE IBS flares or need for medicine, tapered off blood pressure med’s (on for yrs) & went from 14-16 jean to a 8-10 (stretch ha)! Love it and can’t wait til March 5th. and to see whats to come in the months to follow ” )
Thanks for again to all the new friendships and encouragement!
Blessings, Tami T
Down 10 pounds in 2 weeks! I sooooo love you, Jay! My wedding ring is starting to spin on my finger! 🙂
Since using Shakeology, I have not had a migraine (for which I had big-time pharmacy Meds), and I have only had 1 Colitis flare in several years.
In 3 months of bootcamp and with the help of Extreme Eat challenge, I have lost 8lbs and down 1 size in my clothes! My goal is to lose 5 more lbs and run a half marathon under 2hrs. Trisa H
Started my 50 today. It’s on the calendar. Not that easy. We will see how it progresses. On more serious note thank you Jay for your continued efforts to inspire fitness goals. For those who are new to Jay’s challenges, he trained me for Arizona Ironman. To complete my first ironman at age 51 I can honestly say I exceeded my expectations due to Jay’s training schedules.    Brian L


The first 21 days with Jay’s Clean Eat Challenge and USAT coaching…
1) lowered my resting heart rate 11 beats
2) lost 11 lbs
3) improved my run times and triathlon performance.

Looking forward to the next race. Jay is a rockstar and so is Shakeology.    Steve B


Thanks for all your help Jay and Brigid! San Diego cannot get here fast enough. You and Brigid have helped put me in a position to have my best race. Looking to knock 40 minutes off my PR. All I can think about is the start line. I just want to run!!!    Kevin S


My friend Brigid, she simply rocks. If you want to get your butt kicked, and live anywhere near Mckinney, I highly recommend her bbbrig.com boot camp. I did it last week and realized how much I miss the totally insane type of work out that she is so good at providing.     Brent B


I’ve been committed to a solid workout plan for the past several years but joining the Body By Brig bootcamp for the past year has solidified a healthy lifestyle change for me and my family. Through the support of the group each morning, I am able to maintain my commitment to working out 5 mornings/days a week and even extend that into evenings and weekends. Brigid energizes each morning with a workout designed to meet specific fitness goals month over month along with nutrition and coaching advice. As a result, I’ve gained so much confidence to try things I’ve feared my entire life- hand stands, plyometrics, and even swimming! Brigid and her bootcamp goes way beyond just a hard core daily workout but encourages everyone to make new life choices.     Laurie W


Brig, here you go..feel free to add, delete, omit etc..all true:

Body Like Brig ( How Incredible would that be!)…….Body By Brig. I have never felt better & I am not so young!

Let me tell you the words that describe Brig and her Bootcamp:




Attitude Plus




Hands on

Believes(in herself and me)

Stays Connected


Always Positive

Changes it up

Knowledgeable in exercise,nutrition,running, yoga

Goal Oriented

So Personable


Brig has it all and then some!!


She texts at 5 am to make sure there are no slackers.

We start at 5:30 am pronto and go until 6:30 5 days a week..sometimes on Sundays

All of the above mentioned come out in every class.

It is not just a class with Brig, it is a way of life

I believe the best example is to be who you preach..

Brig is the finest specimen ever..

I challenge anyone to try this class and then differ!,,

She is so inspirational, beautiful inside and out.

Brig will challenge the men as much as women


You will have the Best tired feeling ever…I leave Bootcamp everyday with a Happy Soul and great attitude!!


I am 51, a 5 year breast cancer survivor and very determined to stay fit and feeling good for a

Long time:)

Thank you Brig!

again, you are the BEST…    Lori K


My true commitment to fitness and nutrition began in June 2011.  Of course, I didn’t know that at the time.    That June I registered for a 5-day a week bootcamp — BodyByBrig, thinking… OK, I will give this a try and see if I like it and more importantly, could I do it?   I mean, we’re talking 5:30am every day, 5 days a week.   Who does that?   But, amazingly… I did it and continue it for an entire year.   The results of this year were transforming… and not just physically.  I learn so much about myself and what I am capable of when pushed.  Of course, having Brigid call you out every morning would make anyone push themselves to complete exhaustion!    I learned a great deal about proper nutrition and even incorporated those healthy habits within my family.   My transformations included 12 lb weight loss, an increase in lean muscle mass in my arms, shoulders, back, legs, and especially my core.  I inherited the name “Guns Castaneda”… if that tells you anything.  My endurance and strength increased so much, that I felt like I could do anything.  For example, if someone told me that I could do a push up from a hand stand position off a wall, I would tell them they were nuts.  The first time I tried it was probably month 6 of bootcamp… and surprisingly, I did it!  And not just one push up, but 10!  I practically doubled (if not more) the amount of weights I could lift with my biceps, triceps, and shoulders.  Overall, what I thought was going to be a 1-month workout schedule to kick start me back into some sort of consistent exercise, turned into a lifestyle of health and fitness.   I am so grateful for all of individuals that contributed to this life long commitment, but I will tell you my biggest thanks go to Laurie Wesloski for talking me into joining BodyByBrig bootcamp and to Brig for being this insane person of inspiration to me and so many others.   Christi C.

Roberto Dominguez

“The Road Well Traveled”

My Story

When you work long hour seven days a week, it’s hard to stay in shape. Add to the mix a family, debt and college classes to finish a degree, and the idea of having abs (let alone a six-pack!) might seem like a pipe dream. You can easily end up with the kind of body that could be described as a nightmare—The Blob. I was overweight and “happy”, so I thought.  Everyone around me was in the same boat and looked like me. Eating excessively, because it was there and it tasted good. Ten years ago, I, a new teacher in McKinney, Texas, was living that horror. I weighed 220 pounds, and had a 38 inch waist. I wasn’t exercising at all, and my job kept me working for long hours. Two jobs didn’t help with finding time to address my physical needs. I didn’t even attempt to. I would get off my teaching job at 3:30pm and drive 40 minutes to my next job. By the time I got home at night,  I would be hungry and eat whatever was in the fridge.  My unhealthy ways continued until a trip to the doctor gave me a wake-up call. “He told me I was fat and with my family history of diabetes, I was on my way of living up to my family history of being a diabetic.”  “Only I could get off the road I was on.”

Immediately after the checkup, I changed my diet. I cut way back on carbs and junk food and started bringing healthy snacks for on the road. Instead of grabbing pizza at school, I opted for tuna, chicken, or other lean meats in my lunchbox. Next, I cut back on hours at work, changed my second job to working at gym, and began doing cardio every night. At first I couldn’t finish 20 minutes, but after six months he was running miles.

That breakthrough led me back to weightlifting. Within a year, I had lost 10 pounds and felt much better about myself. To help myself stay motivated and keep making progress.  I joined a local gym and intensified my workouts. Gradually, I dropped a few more pounds. “I just couldn’t get back to where I knew I could be physically.” “It kind of shocked me.”, then I met Brigid Wollack, a Beachbody Coach!  She introduced me to Beachbody workouts, Shakeology and a new focus.  She invited me to be part of her team, workouts and helped me with healthier meal plans.

Today, at 52 yrs. young, 175 lbs, 11% body fat, I finally feel like there is nothing I cannot do in my life. I have introduced my wife, daughter and co-workers to better eating choices. I started a workout group at school, am completing a master’s degree, and although I still work crazy hours, I found time to run three half marathons.  I have not completed my story.  Triathlon?  BRING IT!

Course PR in all three. Swim, Bike and Run. Largest gain in run! 6 minutes is pretty big huh? Dude! Without your coaching and Shakeology it would have never happened. You rock! Steve B.


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