Shelf it! Do the Ultimate Reset

Shelf it! Do the Ultimate Reset

I’m doing the Ultimate Reset the first week of January. So is my family. This past weekend we’ve gone to three holiday parties. Last night Zane ate an entire row of fudge, Beaudy had two pieces of cheesecake, and I have to take a stand.  This morning they were an absolute wreck. Beaudy was so groggy, he left late for school. Zane could not leave the bathroom (he might still be there). I’m fixing it.  I’d love for you to join me.  Why? It helps with a few lil’ things such as:



Before UR:

  • Irritable because you’ve missed every traffic light this morning and are now running late because you hit the snooze one too many times;

  • Impatient and unwilling to tolerate people who have a stack of coupons, gift cards that need to be redeemed, or want to count their coins as they pay for their groceries;

  • Anxious that you are missing something, somewhere—something important—but you can’t put your finger on it;

  • On-edge about the endless list of tasks you’ve built;

  • Defensive when your smart phone corrects the word “are” into “ate,”

  • Persnickity with your comment-making about people’s posts on Facebook.



After UR: You will feel much more balanced. Not bubbly euphoria fake-happy balance, but true balance. At a four way stop, you will smile and wave for the person in the car kitty corner to you to go first, you won’t feel the urge to press snooze because you are SO eager to start your day, you will start tipping the cashier at Kroger because ringing the bell for service just won’t seem like enough. When you start to feel edgy about a pending project or frustrated about unreturned emails, you will bring yourself back to equilibrium. And you won’t feel the need to reach for food as a crutch.

We have two elves, they don’t share a toilet.



(Okay, well my boys really love passing all sorts of bodily gases. Even our elf on the shelf likes to pass gas)
Before UR: Frequent bloating, gassiness. Do you even KNOW if you are bloated? Or, are you walking around in a constant state of bloat and have become so used to it, you don’t even realize it?
After UR: Significant improvement, including much less bloating and better regularity than you could ever remember. If this is something you’ve never struggled with, be thankful. For those of you who have/do, you know what an achievement (and relief) it is to experience daily.
Join me, your tummy will thank you.


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