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Your 90-Day Ab Solution.

You know you look good when you’ve got a great six-pack. With Brett Hoebel’s RevAbs program, you won’t just spend 5 minutes at the end of the workout on a few sit-ups or crunches. Instead, you’ll engage your abdominal muscles throughout the entire workout to burn fat and get six-pack abs in 90 days.

You’ll learn to work your abs from six different angles through Brett’s proven Abcentrics® training technique. Build a lean, strong physique through a variety of lively exercises, including the acrobatic martial art known as capoeira.

What You Get


RevAbs®9 ab-intensive workouts that engage your abs from 6 different angles so every move counts.

Plus you’ll get these practical tools to maximize your results: RevGuide; Nutrition Guide; RevAbs Wall Calendar; Rev It Up Cardio Bonus DVD; Anytime, Anywhere Abs Guide; Professional Fat Caliper; and Online Support.

RevAbs® Includes:

Abcentrics and How To Capoeira

01 Abcentrics and How to capoeira

Rev up your results by firing your abs with Abcentrics (Approx. 15 min.), and learn capoeira moves with How to capoeira for full-body fat burning. (Approx. 25 min.)


Fire Up Your Abs

02 Fire Up Your Abs

Calorie-scorching cardio combined with Brett’s Six-Pack moves, the ab circuit that works your core from 6 different angles. (Approx. 40 min.)


Power Intervals

03 Power Intervals

High-intensity cardio with intervals of lower-body resistance moves designed to rev up your metabolism, melt belly fat, sculpt lean legs, firm the glutes, and work your abs—all at the same time. (Approx. 30 min.)


Total Strength/Mercy Abs

04 Total Strength and

Mercy Abs

Work all your muscles to build a lean, hard body with Total Strength (Approx. 45 min.) and experience a mighty little ab workout with Mercy Abs. (Approx. 15 min.)


Fat-Burning Abs

05 Fat-Burning Abs

A fired-up routine of new ab and cardio combinations that burn fat fast. (Approx. 40 min.)


Power Intervals 2

06 Power Intervals 2

Even more revved-up cardio and lower-body resistance moves to firm your booty and torch belly fat. (Approx. 30 min.)


Strength & Endurance/Merciless Abs

08 Strength & Endurance and

Merciless Abs

Build definition in your abs and everywhere else for a rock-hard body with Strength & Endurance. (Approx. 30 min.) and get a fast and efficient ab-shredding routine with Merciless Abs. (Approx. 15 min.)

You also get these tools to keep you motivated:

RevGuide. Learn Brett’s personal training tips and motivational secrets.

Nutrition Guide

Nutrition Guide. Developed by a nutritionist, this 65-page nutrition guide includes complete customizable meal plans to fuel your body while you lose fat. It also includes Brett’s 14-Day Jump-Start Plan.

RevAbs Wall Calendar

RevAbs Wall Calendar. Learn which workout to do every day, and keep track of your progress.

Rev It Up Cardio

Rev It Up Cardio. An extra bonus workout DVD with exciting fat-burning capoeira moves.

Anytime, Anywhere Abs
Anytime, Anywhere Abs. This guide shows you how to work your abdominals when you’re away from home.
Professional Fat Caliper

Professional Fat Caliper. Measure your body fat before and after your RevAbs transformation.

Online Support

Online Support. Get free 24-hour access to the Team Beachbody® online community. Chat with fitness experts, access the Message Boards, and meet other RevAbs workout buddies. You can even schedule your workouts in advance, and track your progress in the WOWY SuperGym®.




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