Shelf it! Do the Ultimate Reset

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I’m doing the Ultimate Reset the first week of January. So is my family. This past weekend we’ve gone to three holiday parties. Last night Zane ate an entire row of fudge, Beaudy had two pieces of cheesecake, and I have to take a stand.  This morning they were an absolute wreck. Beaudy was so groggy, he left […]

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Looking for a Venti dose of energy with extra pep


Ultimate Reset and Energy   When people are feeling weighed down by stress, the chemical processes in our bodies result in fat storage and mental sludginess (not sure if that’s a word, but that’s what it feels like).  Our bodies are not able to digest food as well when we are harboring negative emotions; everything […]

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Withdrawal from Addiction


The Ultimate Reset is one of the hardest things I’ve done. Basically, you put yourself though “withdrawal” much like a drug addicted person would.  Only, you DECIDE purposely to do this (and in my case, with my family).  You decide it because you have finally figured out that your health, your functioning, and your life […]

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Need to lose 3 pounds by tonight’s Christmas party

rock and republic[1]3 I have a holiday party tonight. A holiday party for athletes. Last night, I ordered take out; this morning my face is almost swollen shut.  I need a flatter belly and looser jeans by 7:00pm. Should I go to one of those wrap places? Only drink water all day? Suck down a pot of […]

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