How do I pack for camp?

Bring a few sets of dumbbells; a 5 lb set, and a 12 or 15 lb set,and a plyometric mat.You will also need a jump rope and an agility ladder.Dress in layers…even if it feels chilly outside,You will get warm very fast!Make sure you also have a good pair of athletic shoes.Cross trainers,not running shoes are recommended on cardio days;they provide more lateral stability than running shoes .CK sports provides great a great shoe fit.

Will I be sore afterwards?

Most people feel some soreness for the first 2-3 days;you might just be working muscles that have been sleeping for a while.After that point,it is slight to moderate,depending on your load and repetition.

Is there a drop in free or a partial attendance fee?

Drop in fee $12.00 per day.Please pay all drop in fees in cash on the day of “drop in.” Thank you!

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