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Shakeology versus Isogenix

shakeology christmas

Sure, I want you to SWITCH to Shakeology from whatever shake, drink, mix, pill, or infusion you are currently taking. Today, I’ll talk about Isagenix. Here is the comparison Isagenix, it is also a meal replacement shake that founders John Anderson and Jim and Kathy Coover have created to try and help the obesity problem […]

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Scooters and Sloths

This morning on the way to work I counted 14 kids riding an electric scooter to school. I passed a line of 23 cars long dropping off kids in the school safety zone. I watched as no less than 7 parents carried their children’s backpacks into the building. Hmmm…Over the last 25 years, caloric intake […]

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Halloween Horrification

Halloween candy Fit Family Health

Trick or Treating last night lasted for about 2 hours.  Impressed by Zane, I watched as he carefully selected red-dye free candies from the multitude of cauldrons, bowls, and tubs full of Halloween “goodies.” At times, he would jerk away from a red sucker or other obviously red treat as if it were poison (well, […]

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